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IPB University Workshop


Storytelling Workshop

The Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) IPB University held Storytelling Training for five weeks. This workshop was guided by a single mentor, Angiola Harry.

IPB University student participate in Storytelling Workshop

Stories (storytelling) can bridge knowledge.

This training is an AKKPP IPB University coaching program, for both male and female students. Even though it is a mandatory AKKPP activity, students on the Student Council Chair of IPB University class 57 also took part in this workshop.

The requirement to become a storyteller is to understand the background of events and stories. Understand what is behind the incident.

  • Media Workshop
  • IPB University
  • 22/04/2021
  • https://www.medcom.id/pendidikan/news-pendidikan/VNnlYovk-sejumlah-mahasiswa-ipb-dilatih-menulis-storytelling

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