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Abulyatama dan EOA Workshop


EOA and YAI Citizen Journalism Workshop

Abulyatama Indonesia Foundation (YAI) collaborates with EOA Support System (ESS), and PT. SBS (EOA Holdings) held a short Citizen Journalism training with the theme “Basics of Photography and Live Reporting” online, on Wednesday, August 4 2021 evening.


Knowing the common, make it special

This training was carried out to perfect the publication activities of activities at YAI, which were still considered not yet unified in terms of the concept of presentation.

“So, for the activities that have been carried out well so far, the publications are still carried out in their own way. We need some kind of standard method for carrying out publications, especially direct coverage,” said one of the YAI supervisors, Helmy Faisal.

  • Media Workshop
  • Abulyatama
  • 04/08/2021
  • https://www.angrybow.com/2021/08/yai-dan-eoa-holdings-gelar-pelatihan.html

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