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The Importance of External Publications

Many parties and institutions have various activities, but not many people are aware of these activities. Unfortunately, this unknown activity turned out to be very positive for the public to know about.

So useful things that result from the activities of a person or institution should be known to the public. Because there are exemplary values there that can change people’s habits in a more positive direction.

There are thing that people should know:

The importance of our activities appears in the mass media.
We must be able to utilize the power of endorsements.
We also have to understand the importance of self-image in order to increase our credibility.
Issues Development Influencers Self Publication

Day after day information continues to flow. That's why every person or institution moves according to their respective interests. Davai Ismutama will help you position yourself amidst the flood of information.

Davai Ismutama is very aware that apart from the existence of quality and trusted mass media, which has an influence in positioning a person's or institution's self-image, there are also other roles. They are influencers and endorsers, who have the same material power beyond the capabilities of mass media, in terms of disseminating information. Davai Ismutama has a lot of access to these influencers and endorsers, and is ready to bridge them to you.

We also provide training services to make you confident in publishing your activities. The power possessed by information technology today should be utilized for the benefit of oneself and the institution. Of course, the benefits are beneficial for many parties.

The Benefits of Media Placement

We are increasingly known by public channels which are very influential in our area.
We know what information needs to be appropriate to appear in the public space.
Information about ourselves will become more accessible, thereby potentially increasing our work network.


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