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Davai Ismutama KomunikasiDavai Ismutama KomunikasiDavai Ismutama Komunikasi

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A footage is not just to entertain viewers. Currently, many broadcasts are needed to explain problems, as well as individual or company goals. So this is where the important role is.

Several factors that determine whether a broadcast is quality are:.

Present the information needed by the audience.
Contains educational value and anticipates the activities of a person or institution.
Good footage can inspire and also increase someone's motivation to become better.
For Audience Education Value Inspired

Davai Ismutama ensures that the resulting broadcast meets above standard composition and shooting criteria, so that the resulting impressions are definitely easy to understand and suitable for general standard visualization.

Nowadays, on average, everyone can produce videos independently, but are the resulting impressions of high quality?
Davai Ismutama ensures that the shows produced will contain many important elements which, apart from being helpful, also provide inspiration. We really avoid trash shows.

Production of a show requires collaboration of thought. That's what we apply, namely collaborating between teams to complete client tasks completely. Many business services are similar to ours, but we ensure that the results of our services will not be the same as the common.

Video Criteria

We Provide public commercial footage.
We Provide Company Profile video production.
We Provide content creations for social media.
We Provide video documentary.
We Provide Podcast video.


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Integrated services to enrich the visibility of your business image.

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