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Davai Ismutama KomunikasiDavai Ismutama KomunikasiDavai Ismutama Komunikasi

Appropriate communication training.

Many state-owned and private companies still do not have a solid concept in terms of publication to the public. This is why the public relations division must frequently hold training that can provide added value for its staff.

Davai Ismutama with its existing team is able to provide quality training according to the needs of our prospective clients. The training provided includes:

Jurnalism Workshop
Content Creation Workshop
Copywriting Workshop
A.I. utilization for content creation
Journalism Copywriting A.I Effect

Journalism is the presentation of information that is not as usual. In journalism there are signs for conveying information that must be obeyed. If this is not complied with, the threat of punishment could be civil or criminal. Davai Ismutama has a team who are experts in the field of journalism.

The right string of words will produce sentences that can influence someone. This is the main essence of copywriting. The resulting sentence must be able to influence someone to reach their pockets and buy something. Davai Ismutama can provide copywriting training services.

Technological sophistication has been utilized to create information patterns that can help a person's needs in preparing plans. Communication is a strategy for carrying out plans in terms of conveying information. A.I that is utilized properly can streamline communication strategies.

The Benefits of Media Workshop

Makes us more adept at sorting information that is not useless.
We will be able to find out quickly and precisely which information has the potential to be a hoax or not.
We will become more familiar with A.I in terms of helping us carry out our communications strategy.


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